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Office Visits

Complimentary Initial Exam

The first appointment is a complimentary examination appointment that allows us to get acquainted and determine the basic nature of your orthodontic problem. At this point, there is insufficient information to plan treatment in detail, but we can answer many questions that you may be concerned about, such as: Is treatment necessary? When should it start? etc.


If a child isn't quite ready to start orthodontic treatment, we will have them back regularly for complimentary growth and development checks until ready for treatment.

Records/Diagnostic Lab Work

If orthodontic treatment is indicated, further diagnostic information is required and obtained. This information includes the following:

  • Digital photographs of the mouth and face.

  • A panoramic and cephalometric (or head) radiograph showing the relative position of the teeth and supporting structures.

  • An accurate set of digital models of the patient’s teeth and surrounding structures.

  • An orthodontic clinical exam.


The consultation appointment is designed to acquaint you, in detail, with the nature and extent of the orthodontic problem and the plan of treatment. The objectives, methods and duration of treatment will be clearly outlined. Any questions pertaining to the case will be answered at this time. There is no additional fee for this appointment. Treatment costs are also discussed at the consultation appointment.

The orthodontic fee will vary according to the severity of the orthodontic problems of the patient. Some cases may require only a simple retainer, while others are more complex and, therefore, more costly.

Application of Braces

Having braces placed is a quick and easy appointment that lasts around 1 hour. Teeth are prepared and brackets are placed, followed by arch wires and elastic (colored) ties. The appointment will conclude with thorough oral hygiene instructions and other information about how to care for your braces!


After braces are placed, we will see you back about every 6 weeks to monitor progress and continue moving teeth into their correct positions. Most appointments last between 15-30 minutes.

Removal & Retention

Once teeth and occlusion are corrected, appliances will be removed. This appointment lasts around 45 minutes to an hour. As needed, permanent retainers will be placed and digital impressions for removable retainers will be taken.


Retainers are designed to hold teeth in their corrected position until your bones and gums adapt to the change. If the retainers are not worn exactly as instructed, your teeth will move back to their old positions. During the initial retention phase, retainers will be checked on a regular basis and patients will be coached on wear times.

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